Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Rozalina Burkova

Dividing her time between London and Barcelona, Bulgarian Illustrator and Animator – Rozalina Burkova originally moved to London to study Fashion at Central Saint Martins College where she graduated in 2015.

Combining digital and hand drawn elements Rozalina creates illustrations and animations that are fluid, psychedelic and dreamy. Her characters are built with imperfect lines and imperfect bodies using vivid colours. Having previously worked on projects for Gucci, Human Rights Watch, Ultra Music and many others.

Although Rozalina initially studied Fashion, she said she began to focus more on illustration as she craved more ‘creative freedom’. Illustration gradually sparked her interest in GIFs which then led on to teaching herself how to animate.

Being inspired by the idea of freedom; in particular the freedom of the body, movement and open spaces. This is where the nudity, the nature and various shaped bodies develop from in her work. Rozalina’s love for water is recurrent in her work and was partially the reason she moved to Barcelona.

Rozalina first started screen printing in 2016 after winning a “Print-ern-ship” with Print Club London which entailed producing six exclusive pieces for their shop. It didn’t take long for Rozalina to fall in love with the medium and she was soon helping to run print workshops there.


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