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Maker Update: Split-Flap Forecast

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3D Printing 101: How To Fix a Clogged Nozzle Using a Cold Pull!

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CAS Podcast Episode 80 | How to Get Big Accounts [when opportunity knocks for a big deal]

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Apply — Department Store

Department Store is an online global marketplace curated by ourselves, People of Print. With over 250 independent designers, brands, artists and collectives, the store boasts an assortment of beautifully made prints, homewares, accessories and independent publications. All of our vendors are hand selected by a member of our team, and now make up a valuable community of creatives.

Best Seller — Egle Zvirblyte

Hand Printed Cushion — Josie Molloy

Currently, our store works on a drop-ship system meaning vendors manage and ship their own items. This allows creatives from all around the world to be a part of our marketplace, selling as much or little as they wish, with the flexibility to update their products at any given time. At this moment in time, we do not purchase wholesale items.

Screenprint — Spiegelsaal

Best Seller — Cat Sims

We’re always looking for new talent to join Department Store, and this is where you come into play. We want your work! To be specific, we’re looking for:

• Interesting, quality work — Items that are not mass produced, we want quality independent work.

• Good photography — We find with e-commerce that images are everything. The better the images, the better the item will sell as these will be used for promotion and other marketing materials.

• New Items — We’re always on the lookout for new products, you may have a cool lamp or chair that you want to sell. Get in touch we might want it! Note: please look at our store before you apply so you can get a feel of what we sell already. Also look at our best sellers, they’ll give you a clue about what our customers love.

• Knowledge and respect of copyright — We ask all our vendors who join that their work has been created by themselves and is not a copy of similar creation of another artists work, name, brand, design or product. Any person who conflicts with this will be removed from the store immediately.

Publication — PANTA

Ceramics — Tilly Toth

If you think that your products fit this criteria, but you’re wondering about the benefits from your end — why should you sell with us? It’s a good question, which is why we’ve outlined the perks of joining our growing community below.


• The Reach — Our network reaches over 2 million people with the vast majority having a creative background or practise. Meaning lots of potential for business.

• Marketing — We work closely with our vendors to help promote and share their items through our social channels including our People of Print channels and newsletter.

• Community — By being a part of our marketplace, you’ll be involved in our huge creative community, accessing exclusive invites to our People of Print events as well as possibly being asked to be included in them!

Publication — Pressing Matters

Sound something you want to get involved in? APPLY HERE. We’ll review your submission and get back to you in you’ve been successful.

Riso Soup

Killing it with their riso printing skills is Dundee Print Collective who’s collaborative risograph publication project titled Riso Soup caught the eye of our People of Print team. Riso Soup showcases the work from members of Dundee Print Collective who are interested in exploring the Riso print process. Started in 2015, Riso Soup quickly grew to 12 publications, which have now been shown at artists book events across the UK and Europe.

Riso Soup also supports its artists by providing co-editions where artists have complete creative control over their own risograph project, the technical support to realise it, and a platform in which to distribute their finished work. In addition, this wonderful team also host collaborative zine evenings where artists join together to create designs soon to be used in their stationery ranges.

We loved their work so much, we added it to our curated marketplace — Department Store. Shop their wonderful collection below!

Instagram: @risosoupzine

SUMMER 2018 - john lewis

I am trying to fit in some of the Summer 2018 designs before it's too late and P&P goes off on it's annual break. I wanted to share a selection of homeware prints from John Lewis highlighting sunny painterly designs on cushions, bedding, curtains, picnic and tableware.

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Looking for pattern for your printing projects? Come and see this now

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Client Support FAQ’s – August 14, 2018

This new series highlights commonly asked questions among DecoNetwork clients over the past week. We will be posting the most common questions of the past week each Tuesday with commentary and links to DecoNetwork Help Articles to better assist you in finding the resources you need. Thanks for reading!

How do I set up my custom domain?

We at DecoNetwork understand how important it is to you to maintain your brand identity, which is why we offer the ability to use your custom domain with the DecoNetwork system. There are several ways to do this, but the recommended way is by using two records, an A record and a CNAME record, as well as registering your domain in DecoNetwork. Without going into all of the details of how this works, it basically means we need to establish the roadmap to your DecoNetwork site using signs, or records. Depending on your domain provider, this may look a bit different to you, but the end result is going to be the same. We do offer a list of the most common domain providers as well as links to their help articles on how to do this on their end at this link. The records you will need to enter will end up looking something like this:

Type Name Value TTL (Time-To-Live)
A @ 600 (seconds)
CNAME www 1 hour


Once these records are set, your custom domain will point to the DecoNetwork servers. We’re halfway there. What you’ll need to do next is go into your DecoNetwork site and click on “Websites” on the left-hand menu, then click “Manage” next to the site you’re trying to direct traffic to. Once that opens, on the second left-hand menu, you’ll see an option called “Domain Settings”. At the bottom of that page, there is a box that says “Add Domain”. Type in the web address you’re trying to point to your site, both with and without the “www” at the beginning. Save the page, and open a new window. Type in your web address and voila! It’s linked! You may want to also establish an SSL certificate to make the site more secure using the video tutorial here.

Wait, what about subdomains?

Just like with everything in DecoNetwork, there are always multiple ways to utilize subdomains. The easiest (and most recommended) option is utilizing our Store Domains feature. This feature allows you to effectively replace the DecoNetwork-standard domain names (deco-apparel, deco-printing, etc.) with your own, custom domains. That the hardest part of this process is the DNS settings comes as no surprise, but it is still manageable. Using the Provider-Specific DNS Settings help article, find your domain provider and navigate to where you can edit your records. You’ll want to add another CNAME record, just like we did before, but instead of “www”, you’ll put in an asterisk, so it will look like this:

Type Name Value TTL (Time-To-Live)
CNAME * 1 hour


After this, go into your DecoNetwork admin site and click on “Websites” on the left-hand menu, then click on “Store Domains”, and type your domain name into the box that says “Add Domain”. Save the page and you will be able to utilize your domain name in the place of our pre-generated domains.

How do I make Decorated Products?

Go to the Decorated Products screen inside the store you want to put the decorated products in (Admin > Websites > Manage > Decorated Products). Once you’re there, click “Create Decorated Product”, then choose your blank product. If your blank product isn’t available, it may be marked as unavailable for that store, or it simply may not have been added to your blank products list. Either of those problems can be solved from your Products menu. Once you’ve selected your blank product, move onto decorating, then pricing and the process is fairly simple from there. Quite a few clients have trouble finding the first screen, but once they’re there, it’s incredibly intuitive to set up and should hardly take any time.

How do I select my blank products?

In the Products screen, (Admin > Products), there is an option titled “Select Catalog”. This option was given to you at the beginning of your setup, and many of our clients simply select a catalog and move on, leaving thousands of products in their systems and it works for them. If you’re looking to narrow down your blank products some, I recommend adding them the longer, but the more specific way by hand-picking (buzzwords, anyone?) your products from the catalogs. To do this, go to “Add Product” on the Products screen (Admin > Products), and select “Add Supplier Product”. You can select multiple products, filter by the supplier, and you’ll be good to go. One thing to note: these products will still be updated, so new colors will show up and any price updates that DecoNetwork receives will be applied to the products.

Wait, there was a tax update? What does it mean and how do I set it up?

To be honest, taxes are complicated. We make them more simple by handling the math for you, but to do that, we have to have some information first. We’ve posted quite a few help articles elsewhere, but I’ll link them below so that you can make sure you’re set up for this new, awesome way of handling your taxes in DecoNetwork.

Tax Update Release Notes

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Hover your mouse to

LLC? Sole Proprietor? Corporation? All the Confusing Law Stuff that You’ve Never Wanted to Research.

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Design, photography, shipping logistics... I do it all! | Weekly vlog

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New Mascot Clip Art Shows School Spirit

With the new school year underway, there are tons of opportunities to print spirit wear. And while our mascot selection has perennial best-sellers, we still get requests for new ones. So we’ve added some new mascot clip art based on our customer feedback. A front facing and leaping lion expand our selection for those representing […]

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