Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Natalija Gucheva

New People of Print Member Natalija Gucheva first came face to face with the art of printmaking at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje, Macedonia. Here she gained skills in various printing techniques including relief, intaglio, lithography, and screen printing. From learning these skills, Gucheva has been able to experiment and produce many works which can also be found on our curated marketplace — Department Store.

Gucheva tells us how she’s fascinated by delicate sea creatures, intertwining them with complex geometry in her works, blending them into a final print which is evident in her works. The concept of inspiration according to Gucheva is a ‘consistent cycle of curiosity and exploration’. An interesting idea no doubt and clearly showcased in Gucheva’s enthusiastic approach to her work.

In addition to exploring her own practice, the designer is also collaborating with her colleagues creating art projects that include illustrations, graphic design and photography. Having volunteered in numerous contemporary art fares, Gucheva is constantly contributing to the field of design, internalising her environment and using it as part of her muse in her work. Her journey will continue in the HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht, The Netherlands where she will resume her studies and explore new fields in the fine arts department.

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KIDS DESIGN - carolyn gavin for anthropologie

One of my favourite artists Carolyn Gavin has collaborated with Anthropologie to create a new kids bedding collection called Canine Collective. The latest range features Carolyn's cute and colourful dog paintings and sketches, and joins Carolyn's Cat collective that launched last year. As seen online here at Anthropologie.

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FABRICS - amanda brandl

Designer Amanda Brandl's work is always bright and full of birds and animals, and has been described as a mix of contemporary folk illustrations and Scandi design. Amanda has licensed four fabric collections and created surface pattern designs for Hotels such as Seaworld (wallpaper, rugs, cushions and upholstery). Here we can see some examples of Amanda's licensed work (on sale in Australian

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Creality CR-X Unboxing & Setup!

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Getting T Shirt Customers From Youtube Channel Creators

from Martin Butler

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Core Values and Their Importance for Successful Business Practices

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Take a Leap – New Gymnastics and Dance Clip Art

The popularity of gymnastics and dance classes is growing. New movement centers are popping up all over and getting children of all ages – and even adults – excited about performing. And our customers are requesting more clip art and layouts to supply apparel to these students and to parents who desire to show their […]

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Haley Rich

The intense popularity of digital technology and screens means that because of this growing chaos it can be hard to make time for a life with print. New People of Print Member Haley Ruch is a young designer exploring her own personal design style as well as trying to make time for personal work outside of the corporate life. However, there are more instances where there just isn’t enough hours in the day to do everything you want, so when Haley can’t find the time to soothe her soul, she still makes time to appreciate the work of others around here in other mediums.

Currently, Haley is working on an almost 2-year long project, a deck of cards consisting of tips and tricks that will hopefully be available by the end of the Summer. As a lover and follower of print design, Haley takes in inspiration from her travels and past and present trends and compiles it into a minimalist approach when designing. Less is more means a lot to her personal design style.

Hayley also finds the time to host a monthly craft day at her office which is anything from zines, to macrame, to a paint night to try and pull people away from their screens and stress of everyday life. To do something with their hands and get a cheeky tactile take-away.


Hellomarine, aka Marie, is not only an award-winning graphic designer and a part-time lecturer on BA Graphic Design at the University of Portsmouth, but also a new People of Print Member. Marie has been designing in print since 2006 when she worked as a designer in a local print house where she hassled for old print plates and stood watching her own artwork printed on a huge Heidelberg wanting to know every step of the process. But this wasn’t enough, so she decided to start a degree in Graphic Design (at Portsmouth) in 2007.

Shortly after graduating with a first class honours, Mari won a National Print Futures Award in 2011. A few months after graduating she was contacted by ilovedust, an award-winning studio on the south coast, to work on print and type projects – she worked full time at ilovedust as a graphic designer for a year before pursuing teaching and continuing to freelance specialising in print. As well as freelancing and running her business Marie has taught at the University of Portsmouth on BA Graphic Design since 2013 as a part-time lecturer. She also teaches graphic design, book design and print production on BA Fashion & Textiles and for the School of Architecture on MA Interior Design.

With a self-confessed obsession with print and type, Mari is in the process of expanding her business with her partner (and husband) luckydarren a fellow designer, illustrator and lecturer. Since starting their family they wanted to produce beautiful things about things they were and are passionate about and in the mediums they enjoy. This led them to the purchase of a riso printing machine, unearthing their proofing press, Adana, silk screens and also managed to make room for a foiler. Under the brand ‘foursandeights’ they produce prints and stationery as well as offering riso printing, screen printing and letterpress.

This summer saw the debut of this creative duo beginning to run workshops in foiling, bookbinding and Adana letterpress printing. Owning a young family can make things hard to juggle, however not for this super-mum! She turned this aspect of her life into creating something fun, creative and enjoyable for others also. Marie and her partner have ventured into launching Southsea beach print workshops (one day it’ll be from their beach hut) which you can attend with your kids and learn to expose a screen with the sun and print your design of treasures you’ve found on the beach in soya ink. While the screens expose they do a mini beach clean with biodegradable bin bags too.

Another project that Marie has recently started is #YESMUMMA, a free print project which supports and thanks women breastfeeding in public to help normalise breastfeeding through small cards of empowerment. Each card made is intended to be passed on to the next person they see breastfeeding in public and so on. The project has gotten much bigger than expected and Marie tells us how humbled she is by the love that has been felt for the project, the stories of how empowered and supported mums have felt after receiving a card from a stranger and how it’s encouraged them to continue to feed is incredible.

It’s clear that Marie is fully confessed print geek, someone who lives, breathes and is passionate about print. An ideal candidate for our own team perhaps..

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DESIGNER FOR HIRE - noonday design

Today we have a new entry in the Designers for Hire Directory. Tracey Coon of Noonday Design is an artist / illustrator / surface pattern designer who enjoys creating bold, fun, and whimsical designs that range from cute characters to beautiful florals. She is currently open for commissions and freelance opportunities and is especially hoping to build a relationship with a stationery company to

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