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DESIGNER - helena nilsson

Helena Nilsson is a freelance surface pattern designer from Sweden. Helena is one of the featured designers in the new Issue 41 of UPPERCASE magazine's Surface Pattern Design Guide. In connection with this feature Helena has updated her online portfolio with new patterns that are now available for licensing, and  has also launched a newsletter. For her work Helena draws inspiration from the

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DESIGNER - antonio valenzuela

Antonio Valenzuela is a Spanish artist who has been working most recently as a textile designer for national and international brands. Based in Madrid his clients include Zara/Zara Kids, Primark and Mango. Antonio is available for collaborations and you can find him on Instagram here.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Copy DecoNetwork Quotes & Orders – Tommy’s Tips

New Family Reunion Layouts & Clip Art

  Every year when the weather starts to warm up and summer seems so close, families put aside time to be together for family reunions. If you are creating custom family reunion designs, you can use the 5,000+ customizable layouts and more than 5,000 clip art options that are available for use with our custom […]

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The Benefits of an Employee Uniform

When it comes to creating a business, whether you are a handyman, doing renovations, landscaping, or even starting up your own tech company, having an employee uniform can be an extreme benefit. Even just making sure that your employees are smartly dressed can go a long way towards creating the right atmosphere and image for your employees and customers.

Branded workwear is especially useful, particularly when interacting with the public. Employees without uniforms can be indistinguishable from regular people, which may create distrust between your brand and customers.

Contact R&P Prints if you are looking to purchase new workwear for your employees with a custom design and logo that represents your company. Here are some of the benefits that having your employees dressed in branded workwear can bring to your company.

A Sense of Team Spirit

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Build your team spirit with custom t-shirt designs that represent your company. T-shirts are particularly easy to brand with your logo and custom design by using screen printing technology.

Sharing a uniform helps employees to feel part of a team and gain a shared sense of pride about the company they are working for. This is even better for when you’re company is growing – uniforms can bring a sense of legitimacy to your business and create a sense of security for your workers who may be looking for long-term employment.

Promote Your Company

custom printing shirts

When you deck your employees out in custom tees you’re basically turning them into walking advertisements for your company. If your employees are frequently out in public (like a delivery driver) then branded workwear is a great way to hook in potential customers.

An ideal situation would be one where a member of the public sees the great job your employee is doing, and because of their custom workwear are able to easily identify and later look up your company. Here’s where company values and hiring the right employees comes into play – if they are wearing your brand then they should be leaving a good impression.

For More Practical Matters

custom printing shirts

A company uniform is also great for protecting your employees if they are doing jobs that require a little more hands-on work. For instance, plumbers will often be dealing with sewage and other unfavourable substances, so dressing them in quality apparel can prevent potentially dangerous wear and tear.

Another reason uniforms are great for someone like a plumber is because it ensures that harmful substances remain solely on their uniform, instead of on regular clothes that they may wear day-to-day.

Create a Secure Environment

custom tshirts

When customers order a service, they might be hesitant to let someone into their home who isn’t wearing a uniform or at least some sort of branding that represents the company they are from. Even something as simple as a branded t-shirt can help foster trust between your company and its customers.

R&P Prints offers custom screen printing in Toronto done with state of the art equipment in order to create quality printed clothing for our customers. Custom designed workwear can promote team spirit among your employees, foster better relationships between you and your customers, and improve your overall security.

With so many benefits, why wouldn’t you invest in custom work shirts for your employees? The overall benefits will far outweigh any costs.

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Martin Le Lapin

Charlotte Martin, aka Martin Le Lapin, is a French London based illustrator. After studying an art Foundation in Paris she moved to the UK to study at Central Saint Martins where she attended BA Graphic Design, Illustration. Her work is mainly inspired by her travels, especially her trips to Japan where she’s been fascinated by the culture. Charlotte loved the beauty of the country and takes inspiration from it’s limited palette.

Charlotte often works with bright colours and uses screen printing to produce tactile work with a hand made feel. Her work includes travel guides, maps and prints. While on the move she also designs activity packs for children and grown ups alike. Charlotte loves buildings and the small details of their architecture, and enjoys the process of drawing them. She has recently illustrated pubs of London, buildings in Paris, Tokyo, New York and London, and wishes to further develop her series with some beautiful houses from Amsterdam and Antwerp. Most of her prints include a cat as a nod to her own pet and her love of the feline species.

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NEW DESIGNS - happy go lucky

Do you ever check your star signs? Well one person that does is designer Ashley Le Quere of Happy Go Lucky. Ashley has just released a collection of Astrological cards to show her love for the Zodiac in stationery form! All the cards are designed in Bristol and printed in UK, onto recycled card, with a recycled envelope and packed in biodegradable cello bags! This is something Ashley is so

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NEW CARDS - pennychoo

Pennychoo have just launched two new card ranges. The first is Palm Springs, a strikingly stylish collection inspired by California's mid-century modern architecture with its clean lines and unique shapes. The second is Coast  consisting of ten designs inspired by the magic of half remembered holidays by the sea. Mid century ceramics, beachcombed finds mix with dramatic cliffs and cosy harbours

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Monday, April 22, 2019

Heading to the 2019 NFL Draft

Our team from Stahls’ Decorating Fulfillment Center is heading to Nashville to get ready for our behind-the-scenes role in providing