Friday, February 15, 2019

Customizing a shopping cart | Webflow Ecommerce series - Episode 4

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Air test

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Printers On Press | Talk'n Shop With Stephen Miller of Pro Offset Printing

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Ephemeral — Issue 02

With Department Store playing host to the first issue, Ephemeral publication founder Lily Lambie-Kiernan has launched a crowd funding campaign on kickstarter for the second issue! Ephemeral is first and foremost an illustration publication which showcases the work of recently graduated starting-out illustrators that have buckets of talent to show to the world. For an illustrator, the creative industry can be quite competitive, with many struggling to get their work out there onto digital and print-based platforms. This is something Lily wishes to change, offering illustrators a stage to showcase their fresh ideas based around an insightful topic, discussion or debate.

The first issue touched on topics of hair and haircuts, how we identify with our style of haircut, the sorrows of losing hair, changes within the gender norms, expectations and perceptions within the barbershop and the social ephemerality of the wig. Receiving a nomination for best use of illustration by the Stack magazine awards, they want to continue their success to produce another epic issue.

The second issue focuses on Thale Cress a small weed plant used commonly in the farm industry. Touching on themes of genetically modified foods and the surrounding debates, medicinal applications and more, this issue will be accompanied with bright, colourful, humorous, descriptive illustration and design.

Go an support the kickstarter campaign — HERE — and help make this issue happen.

Shop issue 01 below.

Mister Adam

Characterised by bold typographic letters and popping colours is the work of graphic designer, printmaker and design educator Mister Adam (aka Adam Oostenbrink). Based in The Netherlands, Adam works from his studio/printshop creating a series of multi-disciplinary works for a wide range of clients. Using both digital and analog techniques, his type-o-graphic style is unstrained, lively and highly outspoken.

Adam has worked for global brands such as Nikon, TNT Worldwide and Adidas, but also initiates personal projects that are all about experimentation, research, collaboration, and high quality handmade limited editions. Most recently, his WORD UP screenprint caught many people’s attention, it’s stunning fluorescent ink combined with the stark contrast of the black letters being hard to miss. Ranging from letterpress to printmaking, Adam’s work dives into these two processes wonderfully showing the beautiful results you can achieve.

We loved his work so much we added him to our curated marketplace — Department Store. Shop his collection below and keep an eye out for more amazing projects by Adam.

New CVAD Fabrication Lab Extended Hours

DESIGN COURSE - surface design immersion

Today we have some news of an online design course that is opening for registration on 19th February and enrollment closes on 26th February - for the rest of the year. So if you are need of a helping hand now is the time to think about this lovely training program from designer Bonnie Christine. The Surface Pattern Immersion Course is an expansive 8 week course that teaches Adobe Illustrator,

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