Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Risolve Studio

We’ve been busy here at People Of Print expanding our ever-growing band of vendors featured on our curated marketplace. Most recently we’ve collaborated with Risolve, a Riso print studio born from the love of printing making and the freedom to create. To engage more with our print lovers, and with the help of Risolve, Department Store can now offer a range of helpful Risograph printing products from swatch books to user guides and many more helpful materials. Below we had the pleasure of interviewing Lyndsey Burke, the one half of Risolve to find out how it all came to be.

So Lindsey how did Risolve begin?

“Risolve began serendipitously. After graduating from RISD, I began working as an in-house graphic designer for a global corporation. While I enjoyed the people and work, I missed the artistic creativity, especially print design and typography. It was always my dream to one day own my own shop.

When I met Sebastian in the Summer of 2016, he was a licensed commercial sailor and a true Renaissance Man. He is an incredible artist, builder, mechanic and statistician with an impeccable attention to detail. With a shared love of art and printmaking, we researched the feasibility of our own Riso studio, inspired by the work of studios like Risotto Studio, Colour Code, Issue Press, and Corners Studio. After writing a business plan and seeking start-up advice, we left our careers and incorporated Risolve using our combined personal savings.

Who’s behind it?

Sebastian Navarro-Delaney and myself, Lyndsey Burke.

What is Risolve’s purpose?

Risolve’s purpose is to offer an environmentally friendly, affordable and high-quality print medium to other printmakers, designers, artists, and small businesses. We print our own art and designs and take pride in collaborating with other artists and designers, using the unique qualities of Riso to showcase their talent.

What do you guys love the most?

For me, the thing I love about Riso is its limitations. When I am limited to a set number of colors or print size, I am forced to think of design solutions outside the box. Most of the time the solutions I come up with are something I wouldn’t have even considered without the limitations being there in the first place.

For Sebastian, he loves the way Riso looks and how unique it is from other printmaking methods. He believes no other technique offers the speed combined with the layering and vibrancy of the colours into an affordable final product. He views the variables of the machine as a challenge for perfection. He enjoys working with our used machines, making sure every part is operating the way it should be.

Scroll down to buy one of their gorgeously printed products, or view the full collection here..


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