Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Private Press | New Products

Currently displayed on Department Store is Unit Editions, a fabulous collection of limited edition screen prints completed in collaboration with The Private Press. Some of the artists include, Supermundane, Steven Wilson, and mostly recently Hello Marine, Magda Archer and Adam Higton. We applaud Gary Parselle, the man behind The Private Press, on his passion for working with others to create beautiful things. Visit Department Store to purchase one of these beauties like stocks last!

‘Forest’ collection by Adam Higton
Adam: “I wanted to work with Gary at The Private Press because he’s already collaborated with some really good artists and I was impressed with the high quality of his printing and attention to detail. I created a forest series of prints and I selected these 3 designs from a collection of quick drawings, my original works are very small, so when you enlarge them to this size the lines become nice and chunky.” Screen printing 1 colour onto 3 different shades (Lockwood Green, Purple, and Tabriz Blue) of GF Smith’s Colorplan 170gsm paper. A2 size (420x594mm). Limited edition of just 20 per colour variant. Buy this print here!

‘We Are All Europeans’ by Magda Archer
Magda: “I originally made my t-shirt ‘We Are All Europeans’ as a gentle protest after the Brexit vote. It’s just been so divisive, a backward step for the country and an expensive and ill thought-out mess. Hats off to The Private Press for joining me in my ‘gentle protest’.” Printed with 2 colours on Naturalis Absolute White Matt 250gsm . A2 size (420x594mm), limited edition of just 25. Signed and numbered by the artist. All money raised by the sale of this print will go directly to raise money for cancer charity Sarcoma UK. Buy this print here!

‘Terrazzo Plant’ by Hello Marine
Marine: “I was really happy when Gary asked me to be part of Editions. I saw [Gary] printing before and he really knows his craft. The idea behind this print comes for both my love for botanical illustration and pattern making. I’ve also just come back from LA where I saw lots of these terrazzo patterns within the architecture and thought it would be great to take it back and reproduce it within my work. It also showcases perfectly Gary’s screen printing skills, playing on colour and opacities.” Screen printing 4 colours onto Naturalis 250gsm. The gloss green and blue inks sit beautifully on top of the matt red and pink. A2 size (420x594mm). Limited edition of just 30. Signed and numbered by the artist. Buy this print here!

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