Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Pressing Matters Mag

In an ever growing digital world, naturally there has been a rebellion against such a trend. Digging deep into the world of print and the art of print making, John Coe launches Pressing Matters magzine, a compilation of exploring people, passion and process behind print making.

How it all started was Coe speaking to photographer who had taken some shots for a personal project about ‘makers’. A few coffees later, they realised they both shared a passion for finding out about people choosing to craft their way in this ever-more digital world. Next came a year-long course at Spike Print Studios in Bristol and although Coe is a self-taught designer with a background in publishing magazines, it was back to basics for him. Tackling all mediums of print from etching, linocut, screenprinting, collagraph, paper-making – you name it, they had a go at it. The more people they met on their journey, the most interested they became in their stories. Which is how the first issue of Pressing Matters came about!

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