Monday, June 19, 2017

Watson Soule

Collaboration is key is a well known phrase in the design industry, huge successes can be drawn from a well put together collaboration and this holds no bounds to Watson Soule, a collaboration between established painter Janna Watson and designer Nico Soule. Combining the pair’s artistic flairs and individual styles, in particular Janna’s art to create luxurious hand-made rugs of aesthetic distinction. The White Room created a photo-rich catalogue showcasing their expressive range and success in translating paint-on-canvass into hand-tufted masterpieces.

The aim of this piece of print was to express the duo’s established artistic backgrounds that would do justice to their extensive body of collections and commissioned work, paying particular attention to expressing both their creative processes in the design details. Beautifully selected details included foiled typography, a sewn binding and a die-cut cover allowing Watson Soule’s artwork to show through. In addition, boldly divided and printed large, the firm’s name was situated above the playful title, “Walk On This.” The editorial spreads featured within use playful typography mixed with a clean grid structure to showcase the work and content. Simple yet powerful.

The catalogues will be hand-distributed to industry leaders in interior design and architecture.

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