Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Phonica Records Rebrand | Stu Ross & Jack Featherstone

In collaboration with Jack Featherstone (Studio Crême), Graphic Artist Stu Ross was recently commissioned by Phonica Records to create identity graphics for the new 2017 rebrand. Phonica is first and foremost a record store, and secondly have an engaging digital platform where you an read about exhibitions, events and other news stories from all over the world that are taking place in the underground scene. In addition, certain features add a meaty background to the music records they’re selling, discussing artists, designers, musicians and many more significant figures.

Recently launched was a new logo designed by Featherstone along with a graphic design by Ross, the images have now been applied to a variety of merchandise such as tote bags and t-shirts. Sometimes design doesn’t have to be hugely complicated to be successful, these designs are clear, simple and of course brilliant. 😉

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