Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Interview with Bycdesign | Skandivis

You may know of our recent venture of a special ‘Shops’ collection located at the top left of the Department Store landing page. We’ve began to collaborate with a variety of brilliant galleries, presses and shops to bring our audiences an assortment of beautiful printed products from all over the world! Each shop have kindly let us have access to a range of products, or collection, and recently we caught up with Bycdesign, the man behind Skandivis’ gorgeous minimal geometric prints. For those of you that don’t know, Skandivis is a Scandinavian design shop that sells beautiful lifestyle ranges, and we’ve been collaborating with founder Toni Kay to bring Department Store a fabulous collection that we can open up to our audience.
P: So, the basics, who are you and what do you do?

B: I am a danish artist / illustration designer with a background as a web developer and graphic designer, but I have always have had interest in art. My studio is based in North end of Denmark, City Aalborg.

P: How has your past informed your work?

B: I have always had a big fascination for geometry & architecture, most architecture is informed by the fascination for the geometric form and shape. I started as an artist 6 years ago and have continued to grow to love print – illustration art work, in all kind of jobs.

P: What is work about? How would you describe it?

B: I feel the most interesting thing about my work is that it gets people to think about the possibilities of geometry, and how much you can do with it. I love to create forms & shapes that give a new meaning, with a particular interest in colour combinations, that is for some, very hard to master. Many homes have white walls, and I love to create artwork that gives a new perspective.

P: Great! So does it stand for anything? Do you want it to say anything about yourself?

B: I Love the Scandinavian colours especially in modern interior styling. My big passion for geometry, comes from modern architecture and mathematics. I work with geometric / organic forms, and I express myself in a modern way.

P: What do you most enjoy about the creative industry today?

B: Everything is possible in the creative universe. There are no limits to what you can do with the graphic design.

P: Indeed. What are your plans for the future?

B: I started 11 month ago, and now to see my illustration artwork in 16 stores in 6 countries is amazing. I am very happy to see how you can create a simple object or illustration and share your passion al lover the world. I will continue to grow for sure.
Browse the beautiful prints Skandivis has to offer on Department Store below or simply vist our online store to find out more.

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