Monday, June 12, 2017

Alice Pomfret

Recent Graphic Design graduate of the Arts University Bournemouth and both Editor & Art Director of the publication BUMF is Alice Pomfret. This particular publication was shortlisted for 7 various national awards, one of them being Best Student Publication by STACK, and their last issue was an exciting collaboration with Bestival. Print fanatic Alice has continued to pursue her love of print by creating further publications such as a book celebrating the life of Rolls-Royce sole Coach-liner Mark Court, with her most recent piece exploring the connotations of what it means to be an immigrant within the modern day.

Having been awarded a Pass from the International Society of Typographic Designers for her book celebrating the life of Mark Court, each detail is carefully considered and designed in a way that ties the whole book together as one. Details include the page numbers being turned into minutes and hours and the typographic design was informed by seconds. In addition, the interview that the designer conducted with Mark was turned into a typographic system using the stutters, stumbles and quick responses in his speech. Do doubt, Alice will be one to look out for in the publication design industry.

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