Sunday, April 16, 2017

Do any of these thoughts stop you from making art?

  • I am not good enough.
  • I might do it wrong.
  • I am not ready.

I must admit that those thought cross my mind quite often. That is hard for me to admit, because I thought I had moved beyond those limiting ideas.

Gelatin print with a thermofax print linda germain

Something good came out of this…

I looked for areas of my my life and art practice where those fears do not stop me. I found the following:

  • When making monotypes on the gelatin plate, I do not let fear of failure stop me from trying something new.
  • When I am in a workshop, because I figure that I am there to learn and discover and mistakes are part of that process.
  • When I am using a 20 minute timer to just get started and moving forward. I don’t have to finish or be perfect I just have to put in the 20 minutes.

This is a useful discovery…

I figure that if I can move beyond fearful thoughts in one area of my life then I must have the ability to move beyond them in other areas of my life. (Try making the list for yourself.)

Gelatin plate monotype with screen printed image

What do you think?

  • Would you like to give yourself the time and space to explore printmaking with the gelatin plate?
  • Would you like to give yourself the space to make mistakes as part of the learning process?
  • Would benefit from the support and encouragement of an instructor?
  • Would you like to share your challenges and successes with a group of artists who are making similar discoveries?

This may be the perfect time to build your skills and explore gelatin printmaking. It is the perfect medium to get beyond fears that stop you in your art making. Gelatin printing by nature is unpredictable and experimental.

Check out the details on the Make Monotypes Workshop page. This online printmaking class start May 15th.

Make lots of gelatin prints to get some you like


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