Friday, April 7, 2017

Ana Popescu

Ana Popescu was born in Romania and grew up in France, but currently resides in the beautiful city of Vienna – where she studied printmaking and drawing at the University of Applied Arts. Ana uses her current surroundings in Vienna as a great inspiration for the work she creates. Exploring the themes of space and perception Ana is also interested in parallel universes, which she has depicted in her project “Life on Mars”.

Using a combination of simple forms and strong colours, there is a consistent presence of summer in Ana’s work. Ana finds that she is drawn to images that “suggest something realistic, without being realistic”. Whilst collecting visuals for current projects Ana tends to find that the more she focuses on her work the more ideas she gathers for future projects.

Ana’s method has developed over the past few years, from originally using black ink to using felt tip pens within her illustrations. Ana now primarily paints with acrylic paint.

Currently working on her project “Homes” which has been informed by her previous project “Life on Mars”, Ana hopes to create work on a larger scale in the future.

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