Wednesday, June 14, 2017

New use for Old books – Intimate ART

Many old books end up in land fills or get recycled for paper pulp. This should ease your mind and give you the confidence to tear, cut, glue and reshape old books into new art making tools and art pieces.

Recycled books for art projects

Books are precious and powerful, but I think repurposing old unwanted books gives it new life and new power. I like to work with the parts of the book:

  • Covers
  • End pages
  • Page blocks
  • Spines

These parts can be cut apart and reassembled to make a new book with a rich patina and history. Sometimes you can find wonderful marks, notes, and history from prior readers.

recycle old books into art

If you have a pile of old books and you are brave enough to make something new with the old parts, then join us in the online workshop, Books as ART Materials. Click here to read the details on the workshop page.

Cut glue and reshape old books

In the class we will:

  • Take books apart
  • Use pages and parts to make stencils and stamping tools
  • Build new book forms

accordion book from old book covers


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